Advocacy Services for Independence, Rehabilitation & Employment

About Us

Located geographically in Northern Michigan and eligible to represent individuals nationwide regarding obtaining SSDI, SSRI, SSI, VA,and Medicare benefits. A.S.P.I.R.E. believes in and has a commitment to the Independent Living philosophy as an Advocate on an individual and systems change level. We provide outreach, information and advocacy including mediating, facilitating and implementing strategies to support self-determination, independence and well-being in accordance with the participants' individualized plan to achieve independent living goals. These goals include but are not limited to housing, transportation, accommodation, transition from school-to-work, and institution-to-community, including accessing Disability benefits, VA and health care planning options.

Veronika Peacetree, Ph.D, LPC

Why Us?

  • 83% rate of successful benefit appeals
  • Specialized practice in "difficult cases" (homeless, mental illness, disabled child, illiteracy, brian injured and rare diseases)
  • Certified and Regestered Social Security Non-attorney Disability Advocate eligible for direct pay from Social Security Administration
  • VA Benefits Consultant
  • 25 years experience at disability advocate and community organizer and Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Experienced Rehabilitation Counselor, Vocational Evaluator and Independent Living Consultant.
  • Community Based FULL SERVICE disability advocacy individualized to YOUR needs